Flores & Alor

TThe Flores Archipelago is composed of the narrow rugged island grouping strung with a chain of dramatic volcanoes. The landscape is beautiful in an untamed way, each island has it’s own traditional culture, handwoven textiles and languages, yet most people still live a traditional life of farming and fishing.

The Islands of Eastern Flores include Alor, famous for its magnificent diving and ancient bronze drums used for bride price to this day. The Portugese came in the early 1500’s in search of spices and left a strong imprint of Christianity upon the islands and gave the name “Cabo das Flores” or the Cape of Flowers as they were astounded by the beauty of the underwater coral gardens lining the bays.

Silolona sojourns Tribal statueYou will begin your trip in Kalabahi, Alor in the easternmost region of Flores and end off the coast of western Flores in the Komodo Archipelgo. Both regions are world renowned for their diving and snorkeling and the beauty and diversity of the corals and fishes. Although these islands are amongst Indonesian’s most beautiful islands very few visitors sail these shores so you will have the secluded bays, beaches, and scenic anchorages virtually to yourself.