Langkawi, Malaysia

TThe beautiful Malaysian archipelago of Langkawi is shrouded in mythical legends. According to one legend the name ‘Langkawi’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Langka (beauty) and Wi (innumerable) “the place of immense beauty”. For hundreds of years pirates hid among these islands where secret coves and lush tropical jungles protected them from prying eyes and the law, while the tall mountains served to watch for shipping. Shrouded in mystery and legends, Dayang Bunting, the second largest island in the archipelago, contains the largest fresh water lake in Malaysia.

These picturesque islands and beautiful anchorages provide a spectacular back ground for water sports, hiking, and natural history. The islands vary widely between lush mangrove forests and dramatic limestone cliffs soaring above the surface of the sea sheltering isolated bays with white sandy beaches. Several world-class dive sites are found around these islands.

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