Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

OOpposite the Myanmar coast isolated and unchanged for centuries lie about 800 mountainous densely forested islands. Here impenetrable jungles meet white sandy beaches forming the Mergui Archipelago one of the last untouched island paradises. Animal and bird life is prolific. On the larger islands, elephants, tigers, deer, wild boars, and other species still exist in a time warp.

The “Moken” are the Sea Gypsies of the archipelago who hand carve their boats from huge single logs and prefer to live their live constantly wandering the seas to harvest the oceans bounty taking only what they need to survive each day, living in respect and harmony with nature.

Alive with the trills of bird song. Just off shore colorful corals, giant sea fans, plentiful fish, turtles, manta rays and you might even be lucky enough to snorkel with the whale sharks.

Burma statueThe Mergui archipelago combines well with land excursions to Inle Lake and the ancient temples of pagan or a leisurely cruise through Myanmar’s life blood, the Irawaddy.