Savu Sea & Sumba

WWith Silolona as a base explore the little-known, yet fascinatingly diverse, islands of the Savu Sea. From “ikat” textiles, volcanic crater lakes to war dances, explore in-depth the ancient cultures rimming the Savu Sea. Each dawn reveals a new island landscape and a different culture, perhaps a gently smoldering volcano, or a sleepy native harbor bustling with traditional fishing craft and local schooners or a peaceful bay where you can enjoy unrivaled diving or the many available water activities.

Sumba statueEach day brings new opportunities to snorkel, dive, swim, fish, or stroll an isolated beach collecting shells or sorting thoughts. The beauty of these islands is legendary, their bio-diversity astounding, as is the rich tapestry of their cultures. The friendly warmth of the people makes these little explored islands a truly memorable destination.