Phang Nga Bay, Similan & Surin Islands, Butang Islands

SSiam, the magical Asian kingdom a blend of beauty, ancient traditions and tropical abundance. 16th century French travelers reported that the Siamese capital Ayutthaya was the most beautiful city in the East, rivaling Paris itself. Their detailed accounts described Siam as a land of fabulous temples and traditions set in pleasure garden surroundings. Since then Siam has inspired visions of a lush Far Eastern paradise, a land of luxury, gilded palaces, complex culture and intricate handicrafts. The truth about Siam is every bit as exotic as the fantastic accounts from the past 600 years.

Today, the essence of Siam is embodied in the living culture of Thailand. Unlike its Southeast Asian neighbors, Thailand was never colonized by a Western power. Thais are intensely proud of their culture and sincere in welcoming visitors. Great monolithic limestone pinnacles, floating villages, mysterious cave paintings, hidden lagoons and grottos surrounded by white sandy beaches are only a small part of the Siam Sojourn experience.

Little Turtle on Sand