The Legend of Silolona

Legend of SilolonaLLong ago when the earth was still young, the gallant and fearless Atuf fell in love with the most beautiful woman in all Tanimbar. Not only Sololona’s beauty but her inner strength and skill in weaving and basketry made her the ideal wife for the strappingly handsome Atuf.

In the time of the ancestors, the sun was too close to the earth. Life was so harsh that Silolona died in the full flower of her youth. Atuf deeply mourned her death yet vowed to make the world a safer place for all his people.

Inspired by Silolona’s spirit, he conceived a bold and daring plan to build a boat capable of sailing towards the sun. When the boat was launched Atuf’s pure and powerful voice called forth the spirit of his beloved wife, “come my beloved, come join with me on my journey to the sun.” Atuf then named his magnificent boat Silolona.

After a long and arduous voyage under the blazing heat of the monstrous sun Atuf once again called fourth the spirit of Silolona. With renewed strength Atuf then hurled his magical spear shattering the sun and creating all the stars and constellations.

“I have beheld the wonders, denied those who never venture forth into a world where each day is a series of new beginnings, and in so doing grew nobler of spirit.”