Travel Seasons

January to February

Raja Ampat and Cendrawasih Bay (Indonesia).
Andaman islands (India), Thailand, Langkawi (Malaysia) & Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar).

March & April

Eastern Indonesia, Banda Spice islands, Raja Ampat.

May through August

Komodo and Flores Archipelago (Indonesia).

September through November

Banda Archipelago, West Papua, Raja Ampat and Cendrawasih Bay (Indonesia).

SSoutheast Asia has four different seasons; the Northeast monsoon from November to March has steady winds from the north or northeast. These winds bring typhoons and other severe weather to some areas. The East coasts of Southeast Asia get heavy rains while the West coasts are usually dry and comfortable.

The Southeast monsoon is from May to September, bringing a steady flow of gentler winds and drier weather to the South while the North West experiences rains and overcast weather. There are also two inter monsoon seasons when the winds are usually light.

Throughout the age of sail, and as long as man can remember, sea trade in South East Asia has ben governed by the monsoons, from the Arabic word “mausim”, or season. Just like her spice-laden ancestors Silolona migrates throughout South East Asia in strict harmony with the monsoon weather patterns.

This carefully maintained harmony with the monsoons insures that Silolona is always situated in the most desireable locations offering congenial weather, wonderful sailing, and great diving all year round.

Ship sailing drawing