The Birth of Silolona Sojourns

“… and suddenly a puff of wind, faint, tepid and laden with strange odours of blossoms comes out of the still night — the first sigh of the East on my face.”

— Joseph Conrad

Silolona and Si Datu Bua are modern incarnations of those glorious traditional Indonesian sailing ships originally bred for trade along the historic Spice routes. Luxuriously melding all the safety and amenities of the 21st century with the style and grace of ages long past each was meticulously designed and hand crafted, specifically for the highly acclaimed Silolona Sojourns of Discovery.

SSilolona Sojourns are the most sought after private travel experiences in South East Asia. These are not only individually crafted journeys, but journeys crafted for each individual to enjoy. Young or old, everyone is enthralled by these magical experiences.

Si Datu Bua drawing